"Are You Ready For The Economic Change?
Have You Been Told That You Are NO LONGER QUALIFIED For Your Current Job?"
The Unemployment Rate Recently Reached 9.5%, But To Those Who Lose Their Job It's 100%"

Are you at risk of losing your job, or worse yet, have you already lost your job? What's next, unemployment, another job, a change in career, continuing education, or a graduate degree? What will be different with a new job?

In the book "The World Is Flat " (2006 revised), Thomas Friedman details the cause and unfolding of the "Global Economy", or as he coins it "The Flattening Of The World". For most of the last two-hundred years, the United States has been the dominant world leader of innovation, industry, technology, and most of all, Free Enterprise. There are other nations like China and India now competing for the title.

"The World Has Changed.
What Are You Doing About It?"

With the fall of the berlin wall, the explosion of the internet, the dot-com bust, 9/11, and now the massive recession spurred by the sub-prime real estate nightmare, the gates have opened wide for workers from all over the world to compete for every job that can somehow be digitized, or be performed via the phone, the internet, over webinar, chat, or some other form of online meeting.

You might be thinking Okay, I'm safe, I'm an artist, a construction worker, a sculpter, photographer, police man, or whatever. Well, if the people that use your services lose their jobs to someone half-way around the world, then how are they going to pay for you?

"You Can't Stop The Change, But You Can Control HOW YOU RESPOND TO CHANGE"

My name's Tina. After being downsized from a company I worked with for over 5 years,  I realized that I was getting nowhere fast. I was let go even though there were new employeess with almost no experience that were kept.

I've heard of Robert Kiyosaki before, but he never made much sense to me. After 4 jobs in 9 years and after starting a tutoring business, it makes sense now.  I was so concerned about job security.  I finally understand....there is none.

"Imagine Rolling Out Of Bed, Turning On The Computer, To See That You Have Made A Day's Pay And You Haven't Even Had Breakfast Yet!
That's What It's Like To Be A Business Owner.
Not An Employee, Not Self-Employed,

PERSONAL FRANCHISE MARKETING takes the advantages of Franchising, Network Marketing, Direct Selling and the Internet, and combines them into one of the most lucritive business models available.

Personal Franchise Marketing maximizes the leverage of time (through other people) and money (investing in a business that can duplicate itself).

People will refer to PERSONAL FRANCHISE MARKETING as Network Marketing, MLM (Multi-level Marketing), or Direct Selling, but in truth it is far more than any one or all of these combined.

It's time to change the way you think about making money, because the Global Economy is here.

"We Show You How To Shift From The
(E Quadrant) To The (B Quadrant)
"Employee >>To>> Business Owner"
We Do It Using Personal Franchise Marketing."

Are We Saying This Is The Only Way To Work In The B And I Quadrants? No, Of Course Not. So Then...

Why This Way?


Make your money here, with a low-cost and easy to understand duplicable process. Then, with a steady cash flow, go into any business or investment as complex as you want.

  • Be setup in minutes
  • Make money immediately
  • No product to create
  • No inventory
  • No warehousing or shipping
  • No cold calling or sales quotas
  • No set schedule
  • No Boss or someone telling you how much you are worth!
  • No, you are not alone, but you work with a team
  • Yes, low cost of entry
  • Yes, unlimited to what you can earn
  • Yes, a proven system
  • Yes, a duplicable and repeatable process
  • Yes, a full support system
  • Yes, you work at your own pace
  • Yes, you can earn as you learn

Sound too good to be true?  I hear you.   Sometimes it's hard to imagine. . . 

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